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Was ist Coaching?

Einen anderen Menschen zu coachen heißt, sich auf seine individuellen Ziele einzulassen und den Weg zu diesen Zielen eine Zeit lang zu begleiten. Wenn man mit seinen bisherigen Lösungswegen an Grenzen stößt, kann ein Coach durchaus dabei helfen, Blockaden zu überwinden. Coaching ist ein Prozess, der im gelungenen Fall dem Gecoachten hilft, die eigenen Fähigkeiten zu steigern, um die gewünschten Ziele zu erreichen.

Voraussetzung für effektives Coaching ist die Freiwilligkeit der Teilnahme des Klienten sowie die Offenheit gegenüber dem Coach. Einsichtsfähigkeit sowie die Bereitschaft zur Veränderung sollten als Nutzaspekte vom Klienten gesehen werden. Der Coach muss dem Klienten gegenüber absolute Vertraulichkeit und Neutralität sicherstellen. Sensibilität, Ethik, Partnerschaft und Individualität sollten als fördernde Aspekte im Vordergrund stehen. Die gegenseitige Akzeptanz ist eine unverzichtbare Basis für den erfolgreichen Coachingprozess.

Spezialthemen des Coaching Angebotes

  • Stressbewältigung
  • Hilfestellung bei Mobbing und Burn-Out
  • Motivation und Zielerreichung
  • Effektives Zeitmanagement
  • Abbau von Flug- und Prüfungsangst
  • Lösung privater Problemstellungen ( Familie, Freizeit )
  • Bewältigung von Lebenskrisen (Tod, Trennung, Liebeskummer, Umgang mit Homosexualität)
  • Leistungs und Kreativitätsblockaden
  • Kommunikationsproblemen
  • Stressbelastungen i.S. von Burn-Out – Phänomenen
  • Unangemessenen Wahrnehmung, Verhaltens und Bewertungstendenzen

Meine Methoden


Life Coaching


Lebensenergie / Licht


ist medizinisch anerkannt

Warum Coaching?

Toxine, die die Verringerung der Integrität beeinflussen:

  • ständig jammern und klagen,
  • immer sind die anderen schuld,
  • kritisieren andere und sehen alles negativ,
  • lästern,
  • das Bedürfnis sich wegen allem rechtfertigen oder entschuldigen zu müssen

Hinter all dem steht die Angst, Angst vor dem Unbekannten, die Komfortzone zu verlassen. Es mag absurd klingen, aber wir bleiben oft lieber in unserem grauen Alltag, anstatt einen Schritt in eine hellere Zukunft zu machen, weil wir uns hier, wo wir gerade sind, sicher fühlen. Alles um uns herum ist uns bekannt, nichts kann uns überraschen, es gibt kein Risiko und keine Gefahr. In einem solchen Fall unsere Fähigkeit, die wir haben aber nicht nutzen, fängt an nach einem Ausweg aus dem Unterbewusstsein zu suchen.Die erste Veränderung geschieht auf der Gedankenebene, deswegen heißt es: „unsere Gedanken kreieren unsere Welt“.

Über mich

ich bin Romana Opacic, geb. am 21.05.1972 in Zagreb, Kroatien. Ich lebe seit 30 Jahren in Deutschland und bin 24 Jahre davon in der forensischen Psychiatrie tätig. Persönliches Engagement und die Liebe zum Beruf lassen mich immer wieder nach neuen Impulsen für die Arbeit mit Menschen und ihren Anliegen suchen. So ist meine Entwicklung zum Coach entstanden. Ich liebe meine Arbeit, dennoch möchte ich gerne auch außerhalb der Psychiatrie Menschen positive Energie und Motivation vermitteln. Ich liebe es Menschen zu begeistern, zu bewegen und zu begleiten. Durch meine Leidenschaft für Persönlichkeitsentwicklung bin ich mit dem Coaching erst zufrieden, wenn Sie es sind!


RO Coaching
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Andrijana SimicAndrijana Simic
18:47 31 Jan 24
I would highly recommend Romana, what a professional!My first impression was strong wave of positive energy and after first hour of our conversations I knew that’s the person I want to work with (and I tried couple of therapist before without success).Working with her is very dynamic, and that’s something I needed. Hard, strong, intense and healing process which resulted with total change in my life. I am looking to people and life with different eyes- totally different mindset , I change the way I think, speak and act, and benefit from all of that is true happiness and gratitude for all I have. I start valuing small things and learned to believe in myself. I learned to communicate and techniques how to solve obstacles with loved ones. Romana is available during whole process, and you have person who is loving her job, who is listening and giving tons of energy to help us, she knows what she is doing and she is so good in it!. This was my best investment, I invested in myself.
Susanne NeissSusanne Neiss
08:21 24 Jan 24
Romana helped me so much with three sentences. I am an anxious patient and had a dentist appointment coming up. Your words eased my tension so that I got through the treatment well
Thomas VoglThomas Vogl
17:13 20 Jan 24
For me, Romana was the origin of my new phase of life. With her straightforward honesty and solution-oriented suggestions, she was able to not only provide immediate approaches, but also provide a long-term “where to go.”I don’t recommend Romana, I prescribe it.Dear Romana, I am sure that you will help many more people. One of the greatest coincidences of my life was that I met you on vacation at the waterfall. Kind regards, Thomas
I can only warmly recommend it. Impressive analysis created, thought through down to the last detail, recommended exactly the right measures. You couldn’t do it better, I was prepared for all eventualities. Very well-founded specialist knowledge, highly professional approach, completely structured, efficient methods, extensive psychological expertise. There is only one criticism, why didn’t I consider it sooner.
Drea ZamborlinDrea Zamborlin
09:01 26 Dec 23
So I can only recommend Romana. She immediately finds the right point and is very emphatic. She shows you very quickly why things are the way they are. I wish I could go further to see her, but unfortunately that’s not possible for me personally. I wish her all the luck in the world and can really recommend her to everyone!! Use your great knowledge!
Snežana DragovićSnežana Dragović
22:43 17 Dec 23
Romana fundamentally and professionally hit the center of my problem. From the first she gave me the right advice, which I immediately accepted and worked on. created. Her dedication and love for her work and helping people is her mission. I’m glad I met her and thank you very much for the guidelines she gave me. I’m grateful and happy.. Greetings dear Romana ❤🍀
Gorica SiveriGorica Siveri
18:25 10 Dec 23
Getting to know and working together is a gift from God…a top expert, after just a few contacts it was pure rebirth. Thank God that I was lucky enough to meet an expert like this
Zorica KalabicZorica Kalabic
10:38 03 Dec 23
Already after the first sessions, I feel and think like a newly awakened being that becomes aware of itself. In a short time, a strong and positive effect of the work is visible. That was immediately visible on me.Romana has such a spectrum and breadth of knowledge and experience, good judgment and approach to the client.She is so dedicated, thorough in her work and at the same time inspires so much trust, and all with such ease, smile and positive energy that it was natural and easy for me to let myself in, open up, talk and wrap myself in the deepest part of myself together with her.I am so happy that she came across my path to say „God sent her to me!“I look forward to further work, growth and development through training with her.My big recommendation, do the right thing for yourself.
Zorica KalabicZorica Kalabic
21:57 30 Nov 23
09:05 20 Nov 23
Thanks to coaching with Romana, I feel strong, self-confident, relaxed and closer to myself than ever before.Thanks to her professional, constructive way of working, combined with empathy and positive energy, I was able to experience personal development within just a few months that I did not expect or think was possible. A lot has changed in my life – for the better. Thanks!
Freya R.Freya R.
03:48 13 Nov 23
I am enthusiastic about coaching with Romana. She showed me how my behavior is based on my beliefs and how I can dissolve them in order to find more of myself again. I feel lighter, stronger, happier and more rested.
Pero ZderoPero Zdero
20:34 16 Oct 23
The coaching with Romana has shown me a strong and positive effect in a short time. After the first few sessions, Romana developed a behavioral pattern that was very troubling to me at the time. Romana helped me to change my perspective on things, not to underestimate my strengths and to find more of myself again. I am very grateful for the valuable work she does and hope that many more people will benefit from it.Thanks Romana
Vucina SenkaVucina Senka
06:02 15 Oct 23
Thank you Romana for helping me, Thank you for opening my eyes, Thank you for pushing me forward, maybe some things didn’t sit well with me at that moment and I didn’t want to hear them. But now with time I see it differently and I can only say Thank you Romana.
tatjanabajic bajictatjanabajic bajic
14:13 04 Oct 23
Fantastic and positive person! I’m in control of my life again. Thank yuo 🥰
07:24 05 Sep 23
It doesn’t always have to be major life problems to turn to Romana. Often there are small blockages that need to be solved and Romana knows exactly how to guide you to the “adjustment screw”. I am thrilled with what we have already achieved in just three sessions. But in my opinion, Romana is also the right person to confide in for larger life problems. Why? She takes you by the hand and leads you to the root of the problem; everyone has to go there themselves. She can relate extremely well to people. Because of her direct and yet incredibly warm nature, you immediately feel very comfortable with her. She sees the person behind the facade, has a keen sense and has an incredibly motivating effect on me. I’m looking forward to everything that’s to come. Thanks Romana
12:01 24 Aug 23
With her open and honest manner, Romana gave me the feeling that I had landed with the right coach right from the start. She analyzes existing problems very quickly and contributes her high level of social skills. Your feedback is constructive and deep.With her expertise and her motivating nature, she helped me a lot to put my goals into practice.This has contributed a lot to my personal development. Romana is a very successful coach, an incredibly empathetic person and a great personality 🩷! Thank you for everything!
Sandra PerčićSandra Perčić
20:13 07 Mar 23
Romana is very professional and warm person, and I saw big progress in short time. Highly recommend.
J SparkJ Spark
06:53 15 Jan 23
Romana is a real master of her field: with empathy, knowledge of human nature and blunt communication she helps me to achieve unbelievable huge success towards my personal goal to live my live in inner peace.I am on my journey: It’s all about me.I am the creator of my future live andI am blessed and thankful having the best coach on my side: Romana.
Jonty KJonty K
16:56 02 Sep 20
I had a great experience there. Was really nice talking and getting the advice and kick-start the motivation I needed. I feel quite inspired again. Romana was easy to talk to and nice get along with. So I thank you and much success to us all. 🙂
Michael TawadrosMichael Tawadros
17:17 01 May 19
Really want thanks you Romana for your helping, thanks for showing me right way to discover myself in right way, for your positive energy what you give by love. Keep going for light other people road.
Danijela GerovicDanijela Gerovic
08:06 26 Feb 18
Romana is a phenomenally positive person. It’s enough to be around her, so you already feel good, however bad you were before.For me, the conversation and working with her was extremely useful and moving.I felt safe and free after each meeting.Thank you for all good energy and recognition!
Sladjana HercegovacSladjana Hercegovac
15:07 04 Sep 17
It’s rare in life that we meet a person who we instantly click with and when it happens we want to spend as much time as possible with them. Such people bring smile back on your face and joy in your life. Romana, your energy, positivity, commitment, inspiration, your belief in people are characteristics which make you special. Your sensibility and kindness make us better human beings. You make change possible, as Henry David Thoreau said: “Goodness is the only investment that never fails” and so you, dear Romana, please keep investing in goodness.
Taja DragosavacTaja Dragosavac
19:57 02 Sep 17
Romana is a great and very professional coach. She has good listening skill and she is a person who is ‚ease to make rapport‘ with. I can trust her and feel safe with her what is very important for a coach. Romana is commited coach and I felt supported to get important insight. She also taught me one good coaching technique, very useful for my coaching practice. I wish you, Romi, all the best and a lot of success in your coaching practice
dr Teadr Tea
20:14 31 Aug 17
Thanks to Romana’s methods, positive energy, her attitude of hopefulness, I managed to overcome my problems, worries and confidence issues. She helped me find myself, learn who I am and her advices made me feel better and calmer. Thanks to her I managed to make some great decisions that positively changed my life and get rid of habits, thoughts and people who influenced my life negatively. She’s a great expert, has lots of practical experience and knowledge about various themes. It is all mixed in her methods such as „reiki“, where science and medicine are included, too. She’s the coach who is looking for the cause, not the consequence of the problem.I could have never done it without her! I highly reccomend her because when I first met her, I went through a great REINCARNATION. Thanks Romana for your time, for your commitment and positiveness! Thank you for teaching me how to love myself and be me. I wish you lots of success in the future! Greetings! 🙂


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